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FLAMOONICORN           ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆>>⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆            FLAMOONIGIRL



This is a site for the Flamooniclan -anyone who loves magic, the real positive magic of this Earth ⋆ Creator and dreamer, Olivia Johnson, created the Flamoonicorns -positive flamingo & unicorn

animals- and became Flamoonigirl ⋆ Every day, Flamoonigirl Olivia is inspired to raise the vibrations of thousands of people with affirmations, animations, writings, color, and magic ⋆ We are

excited you have stopped by for some joy ✧ Here is what you can

see from Flamoonigirl ⋆⋆ Daily affirmations & positivity on insta-gram/flamoonigirl ⋆ Flamoonicorn stickers, GIFs, & templates • A new shop featuring inspiration for raising your vibration and living brightly, Flamoonicorns, clay creations, and more soon ⋆⋆ 

Affirming your magic book flamoonigirl

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Affirming Your Magic, 2020 new book, is four chapters
of affirmations for happi-
ness inspiration! 

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Hello pals! I am going to share one more thing here that I haven't shared anywhere else before, just for an insight into my vibe ⋆⋆ My personal vision page, which I visualise with every morning ⋆ Often the imagery and words on our vision-pages represent more than the exact image; it is the vibration each image gives us that creates the magnetic manifesting power ⋆ Connect with me on insta-gram to read more about energy, manifestation, and real magic! ⋆⋆